"Ananya Lipe" meeting and banquet venue 

Ananya Lipe offers international food and beverage services for customers to choose according to their needs. Both European-style food, Thai food, and Japanese food are available, as is a place to relax at night. Dinner and drinks by the beach are appropriate. 

Beach Club

Beach Club is Ananya Lipe’s outdoor meeting space, right next to the sea, guaranteeing a good atmosphere with the sea breeze surrounding the uniquely chic triangle-shaped swimming pool and a bar in the middle of the water with a complete selection of drinks. The only beautiful place on Koh Lipe The place is airy and comfortable. You can be confident that you will be impressed from the first step.

The Beach Club consists of a large stage with complete audio equipment, lights, and colors, a full 2-story amphitheater that can accommodate more than 100 people, and can also add outdoor tables to accommodate the needs of customers as well, divided into 2 zones: zone 1 The 2-story amphitheater and surrounding swimming pool are suitable for company parties, concerts, seminars, workshops, product launches, and party outings.

ห้องประชุม และจัดกิจกรรม อนัญญา หลีเป๊ะ

Pattaya Reataurant

Pattaya Restaurant is not just a restaurant. But at Ananya Lipe Resort’s Pattaya restaurant, it can also be a meeting place. complete facilities, including tables, chairs, Wi-Fi internet, drinking water, snacks, tea, and coffee, and can install additional projectors for your meeting convenience as well. Just inform the hotel. We are ready to serve you.

It consists of tables, chairs, audio equipment, and projectors ready to be installed. can accommodate up to 50 people, making it suitable for meetings, seminars, and workshops.

ห้องอาหาร อนัญญา

Sky Bar

Sky Bar, a rooftop with a romantic atmosphere located on the 2nd floor of the Pattaya restaurant, It comes with a sea view of Pattaya Beach that can be seen up to 180 degrees. Meet the facilities that we have available to serve you, such as a projector screen.(Ready for installation)Karaoke (ready to install) complete sound system beautiful, outstanding, unique It was beautiful and airy, with a good atmosphere and a cool sea breeze. looking down to see the swimming pool

Sky Bar consists of a small stage, tables, chairs, and Wi-Fi internet. audio equipment Karaoke and projectors are ready to be installed, and a buffet dinner service can be arranged according to your needs. The answer for those who do not want a traditional meeting or banquet venue can accommodate up to 100 people, making it suitable for company parties, concerts, workshops, product launches, and party outings.

Sky bar ananya lipe

Lobby Front

Lobby Front is one of the most romantic places at Ananya Lipe Resort, covering the area from the front to the beach in front of the resort. comes with amenities. Whether it’s a table, chair, Internet, WiFi, drinking water, snacks, tea, or coffee, it’s ready to install. Additional projectors are also available for your meetings’ convenience.Just inform the hotel. We are ready to serve you.

The lobby front features tables, chairs, Wi-Fi internet access, and audio equipment. A projector ready to install can accommodate up to 200 people, making it suitable for meetings, seminars, and workshops.

ล็อบบี้ Lobby front อนัญญา หลีเป๊ะ รีสอร์ท

Board Room

Board Room (main meeting room) Ananya Lipe’s official indoor meeting room is located on the 3rd floor of the event building. It is filled with many working facilities, whether it is a projector screen (ready to install), a whiteboard, Internet, WiFi, TV, power outlets, or air conditioning. conference mic equipment Drinking water and snacks are served. can accommodate up to 30 people, making it suitable for meetings and seminars.

ห้องประชุม อนัญญา หลีเป๊ะ Board Room Ananya Lipe