Ananya Lipe



Ananya Lipe offers international food and beverage services for customers to choose according to their needs. Both European-style food, Thai food, and Japanese food are available, as is a place to relax at night. Dinner and drinks by the beach are appropriate. 

lagoon bar ananya lipe

Lagoon Bar

Ananya Lipe Lagoon Bar Lagoon Bar, a bar in the middle of the water, is located in the heart of Ananya. Lipe Resort Open for a variety of drinks in a relaxed atmosphere. Good atmosphere—beautiful during the day and playing with lights at night. Sip cool drinks in the pool behind your room. guaranteeing beauty and comfort Why use the service of Lagoon Bar? The bar offers a wide range of drinks to suit all tastes. from classic cocktails to ice-cold beers and mocktails. You can have a drink in the bar or take it to the pool behind your

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Sugoi teppanyaki ananya lipe resort

Sugoi Teppanyaki

s u g o i Sugoi Teppanyaki Sugoi Teppanyaki Japanese Restaurant Koh Lipe is the first Japanese restaurant on Koh Lipe. Dining with a sea view of Pattaya Beach is possible in a casual Japanese-style atmosphere right next to the beach. Guarantee the freshness of raw materials that are used daily—freshly cooked, clean, and safe—with professional chefs who understand how to make the best raw materials, whether it’s sashimi, teppanyaki, sushi, or maki rolls—guaranteed deliciousness. inexpensive and can be enjoyed by the whole family. Fresh Japanese food that won’t disappoint at Sugoi Teppanyaki contact us Discount at affiliated restaurants 0

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steak house ananya lipe resort

Steak House

Welcome to Koh Lipe’s The Steakhouse.  The steakhouse on Koh Lipe, or as it is popularly known, “Koh Lipe Steakhouse,” has many fresh steaks to choose from. And there are other interesting menus with a comfortable atmosphere. Lipe Island  When you’re hungry, stop by! The Steak House is a European restaurant on the island of Koh Lipe.  The Steak House Koh Lipe is a restaurant on Pattaya Beach with a good atmosphere. style of luxury decoration It’s ideal for sipping cold drinks and chilling out in the evening while eating dinner. Steaks such as Angus steak are recommended. tender pork

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Art beach club Ananya lipe resort

Art Beach Club

Art Beach Club Koh Lipe Art Beach Club  Art Beach Club invites you to enjoy seaside entertainment on the beach. Pattaya beachfront with a variety of activities, such as an exciting fire-wielding activity or a DJ booth playing the most exciting music. And singers with well-known bands who are ready to entertain everyone. Many facilities It includes a restaurant and bar, a swimming pool, and an on-site restaurant serving a variety of delicious and authentic Thai dishes. including favorite international dishes There are various types of beverages available. There are also main dishes and appetizers to serve all customers as

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Sky bar ananya lipe

Sky Bar

Ananya Lipe Sky Bar Sky Bar is located on the 2nd floor of Pattaya Restaurant. with a good atmosphere Take a look at the sea breeze.It is an ad hoc restaurant suitable for parties and banquets. Add a party atmosphere to your group. With a 180-degree view of Pattaya Beach, it’s perfect for photographers who want to capture the atmosphere of check-in. International, Asian, and European cuisines are served. Buffet breakfast, 6:00 a.m.–10:30 a.m.; wide range of beverages and wines; open 12:00 a.m.–9:00 p.m. Ananya Lipe Ambiance Sky Bar Sky Bar, a rooftop with a romantic atmosphere located on the

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ห้องอาหาร อนัญญา

Pattaya Restaurant

Pattaya Restaurant Pattaya Restaurant, Ananya Lipe Resort’s main restaurant, is ready to serve you whether it’s savory food, Thai food, Western food, or dessert, all created by professional chefs. along with fresh ingredients every day. There is also the best breakfast buffet line in the morning. can scoop unlimited Whether it’s salad, chicken rice, roti, curry, or the famous Chak Chak, If staying at Ananya Lipe, guarantee the deliciousness of both breakfast lines. Open until late, the kitchen is ready to send you to sleep with deliciousness.  Dine with a view at a Pattaya restaurant on Koh Lipe. pattaya restaurant

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