Ananya Lipe

Menu : Steak House

steak house ananya lipe resort

Steakhouse, a meeting point with various original flavors with a wide variety of all you can eat menu here located at the entrance of Koh Lipe Walking Street decorated to show the lifestyle and happiness of Koh Lipe way of life. exactly And has a dreamlike atmosphere of Lipe. Open 11am to 10pm. Usually when hungry when they stop by they will order pizza, steak or something. This restaurant offers a wide selection of dishes including fine Australian beef ribeye. To complete the experience, pair your tenderloin steak with a collection of Old World and New World wines for you to choose from.


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Ananya Lipe X Seascape Yacht Lipe

Ananya Lipe X Seascape Yacht Lipe

โปรโมชั่นดีๆมีแค่ที่ Ananya Lipe เท่านั้น! จองห้องพัก 3 คืนขึ้นไป รับฟรี ทริปชมพระอาทิตย์โดยเรือยอร์ช Seascape สำหรับ 2 ท่าน

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