Ananya Lipe อนัญญาหลีเป๊ะ โรงแรมระดับ 4 ดาว บนเกาะหลีเป๊ะ
Ananya Lipe

Enjoy activities on Koh Lipe at Ananya Lipe Resort.

กิจกรรม หลีเป๊ะ Ananya Lipe อนัญญาหลีเป๊ะ โรงแรมระดับ 4 ดาว บนเกาะหลีเป๊ะ

Ananya Lipe Resort has great activities for friends to enjoy. Enjoy the holidays that have brought you to Koh Lipe. In addition to snorkeling activities, we have many more day and night, whether it’s an adventure activity (adventure) such as kayaking or paddle boarding or a relaxing massage by the sea, which is very comfortable at night. There is also a show, swinging. Spectacular lights, soft music, live music every day on Pattaya Beach, in front of the accommodation, a variety of drinks, making friends enjoy all night long – there are activities at our Ananya Lipe Resort during important festivals and special days. 


พายเรือคายัค หลีเป๊ะ

Activities that many people like when visiting the sea I can’t help but miss out on kayaking, playing, chilling, and enjoying the sea breeze and warm sunlight. Sea water in front of Pattaya beach clear and very beautiful. Friends will be able to collect beautiful photos. Go with the most popular activity, kayaking.

For anyone who has never been rowing, techniques and methods for kayaking

  • Friends must sit with their legs stretched forward on the boat floor and arrange a sitting position that is most suitable and comfortable. Holding the oars, the distance between the hands on both sides is about the width of the shoulders. Use the dominant hand of the paddle. not too tight or too loose. The other hand, which is not good at it, is loosely grasped. to support the weight of the other side. Time to row left and right indefinitely.
  • kayaking forward
    • When friends arrange seats, paddles are already handy. Dip one side of the paddle into the water next to the boat. turn around a little. Then drag the garden oars back to the back of the hull. until the hand on the pie is close to the waist and you have raised the paddle above the water. Alternate using the other side of the paddle to dip the water; do the same as the other side, alternating left-right, and so on.
  • kayak in the back row
    • Kayaking backwards is similar to paddling forwards. just friends Dip the spatula into the water. either side backwards. Then push the paddle forward of the boat in a steady rhythm, alternating left and right.
  • Kayaking Techniques Friends, turn left or turn right.
    • when we want to raise the left Dip the right spatula into the water. The left hand raises the cheek. Push the paddle forward and push the right paddle forward. This pie goes on and on. in a steady rhythm To turn right, switch sides of the paddle. Let the paddle on the left side be dipped in water. and do the same as turning left.

Our Ananya Lipe Resort also has services. kayak rental

  • Every day, business hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
  • Service charge: 1 hour, 100 baht/person
  • Depending on the weather, the water rises and falls.
  • During low tide, boating will not be available. because there are a number of coral reefs. The sea in front of Pattaya Beach may cause an accident, and the ship is attached to coral reefs.

Relaxing Massage (Ananya Massage)

นวดแผนไทย หลีเป๊ะ

In addition to rowing, snorkeling Or to paddle board, which is another activity that will help you make friends and relieve stress. After doing various adventure activities with a relaxing massage amid the scent of the sea, let our mind and body recuperate from fatigue. Our Ananya Lipe Resort offers relaxing massage services. welcome friends

Ananya massage program

Traditional Thai massage (authentic Thai massage) is a type of Thai massage.That uses different parts of the body, hands, feet, arms, elbows, and knees, by pressing, rolling, squeezing, bending, pulling, and baking. Thai massage will help the blood circulate. Alleviate aches and pains. It makes our bodies relax and feel better.

Foot massage Foot massage or on the soles of the feet by using pressure points on the soles of the feet In theory, the foot is believed to be the resting point of the body. The points are reflected in different parts of the body. make the blood flow better, feel relaxed, balance the body, and improve health.

Head, neck, shoulder, and shoulder massage (Head & Shoulder Massage) Sitting in the same position for a long time As a result of the stress on the muscles around our neck, shoulders, and shoulders, having a head and shoulder massage will reduce the tension of the muscles to the scalp.makes for pain relief when relaxing, and blood circulation improves.

Oil massage and coconut oil massage use oils extracted from natural flowers and herbs that have valuable therapeutic properties. with substances from the oil to relax the muscles The oil on our skin causes moisture. Glowing skin, looking younger, reducing symptoms of cracked, dry skin, and the fragrance that emanates as a healing scent relax your mind and improve the performance of the systems in our bodies.

Massage with Aloe VeraAloe Vera Gel is cool, makes the body relax, moisturizes, helps restore dry, burned skin from the sun, is smooth, and when mixed with massage techniques, our body will feel relaxed. pain relief

Aromatherapy massage makes use of a variety of plants and herbs. Let’s make it into essential oils that are beneficial to the body. aromatherapy massage will not focus on losing weight It will focus on relaxation. Reduce muscle tension and feel comfortable. Aromatherapy massage is appropriate for women because it moisturizes, brightens, firms, and improves the skin. with the properties of various herbs

Massage program 60 minutes

Authentic Thai Massage400 บาท
Foot Massage400 บาท
Head & Shoulder Massage400 บาท
Oil Massage500 บาท
Coconut Oil Massage600 บาท
Aloe Vera Massage600 บาท
Aromatherapy Massage600 บาท

Paddle Board

แพดเดิลบอร์ด หลีเป๊ะ

SUP, or stand-up-paddleboarding, is another water activity that Ananya Lipe Resort has prepared for friends to enjoy. SUP is a type of water sport activity. We will stand on the board. and use a spatula on one side. Paddle into the waves. Rowing is like rowing a boat. at the beginning It is recommended to sit on the board and go slowly. When used to steer, it alternates between left and right. Gradually change to standing. SUP is a popular water activity. and very fun, allowing us to use every part of our body. Enjoy the nature of the sea.

  • Working days are every day, and service hours are from 08.00 a.m. to 16.00 p.m.
  • Service charge: 1 hour, 500 baht per person.
  • Depending on the weather, the water rises and falls.
  • During low tide, paddle boarding will not be available. because there are a number of coral reefs. The sea in front of Pattaya Beach can cause an accident.

Fire Show

ควงไฟหน้าหาด หลีเป๊ะ

The beach is in front of the accommodations. Ananya Lipe Resort is another highlight. for nightly activities Every day, there will be a fire show in front of Pattaya Beach, with various show techniques.The ability of the performers to play with fire in a spectacular way makes us excited and enjoy the giant wheel of fire. Create a colorful holiday for friends.

The fire show will be held every day, starting at sunset and lasting from 6:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m., around several stalls, each for about 1-2 hours.

Happy hour

Happy hour หลีเป๊ะ

Ananya Lipe Resort has organized a special moment for friends every day. Promotional happy hour All kinds of beverages From 4:00 p.m.–8:00 p.m., buy one, get one free of the same type of drink (all types of drinks). Enjoy the atmosphere at night, enjoy the sea breeze, listen to soft music, and chill out.

Activities Important Festivals or Special Days

New Year , Halloween , Christmas , Valentine , Songkran , Loy Krathong , Chinese New Year, etc.

กิจกรรม เทศกาลสำคัญ วันพิเศษ หลีเป๊ะ

For anyone traveling to Koh Lipe who wants a good place to stay, there is a corner to take beautiful photos.

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