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Koh Lipe Garbage Collection

กิจกรรมเก็บขยะ อนัญญาหลีเป๊ะ

Garbage collection activities Koh Lipe, an important destination for tourists, is beautiful both in diving spots and on the beach. Koh Lipe, known as “the most beautiful beaches in the world,” is ranked 6th in the world’s 20 most beautiful beaches (according to an article from the British Daily Star newspaper). Filled with many important sea creatures, such as clownfish, which are rare and only live in sea anemones, coralline, and staghorn coral, which are large due to the abundance of sea creatures, It is regarded as one of the top diving spots in Thailand as well. Although Koh Lipe itself is more than 67 kilometers away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the increasing number of visitors to the island every year and the increasing amount of garbage flowing in as well make this inevitable.

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Another activity that Ananya Lipe Resort recognizes the importance of is taking care of the sea and coastline. More than 80% of the garbage in the sea is man-made, whether from the community or from tourism. Most plastic waste consists of everyday items such as bags, bottles, and food containers. and materials used in packaging, including industrial products such as harnesses, plastic sheeting, safety helmets, and fishing gear such as nets and lobsters. Marine animals, big or small, think of plastic waste as food. therefore accidentally ingesting it until it becomes clogged in the stomach, causing illness and possibly death in the end, or in other cases Aquatic animals unknowingly swim into plastic waste traps. And being hooked up to the organs by this garbage until injuredin terms of the impact on the ecosystem and the loss of resources, such as the death of coral reefs. because many nets are covered in coral reefs.death or infection in the nets of marine animals It also causes the spread of alien species. by being attached to garbage floating in the water from one area to another.

Koh Lipe is a village populated by indigenous people.Keeping your trash organized isn’t just about keeping things neat. Not only is this comfortable for the eyes, but it also helps in controlling the spread of the disease. Proper waste management is considered important in deterring diseases caused by poor sanitation, such as cholera and dengue fever, which are caused by vectors. If we can get rid of the breeding ground, we can also stop the spread of the disease. for the safety of people in the community, staff, and tourists

Ananya Lipe Resort has therefore organized an event to collect garbage, Korean precisely, and clean along the beach and in the sea with the community and tourists. to protect both the community and the tourists who come to admire the beauty of Koh Lipe. to be able to live together happily, cleanly, and safely for both people and sea creatures, and still maintain the beauty of Koh Lipe without garbage. full of abundance both on land and underwater, ready to welcome all tourists and live peacefully with the natives.

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